As Good as it Gets? Really?

As good as it gets? by Fiona Gibson: A NetGalley Review for Jan 29th 2015 when the book is published.

So let’s see – the signs of the menopause arriving are:

Lack of oestrogen meaning that beards start growing;

There is a shrivelling of our private parts;

We are dead moody;

Our hair dries out;

Our skin withers;

Sex really hurts;

And basically you become more like a man.

Oops a daisy. I do seem to have acquired a significant number of those symptoms – probably because I went through menopause a long time ago when my ovaries were removed – but hey, it’s nice to know that I’m not alone!

The writer has some really nice phrasing and use of words which I rather liked –

Squooshed with water;

A golden fire extinguisher – now don’t be naughty here – it refers to her very large can of hairspray

The geographic fissures known as wrinkles.

I do have a number of small issues with the food descriptions though – see below.

I should also point out, that here in the UK, we eat a variety of aubergines which no longer need to dosed liberally with salt to remove the liquid. We use them straight from the plant.

Also, personally I have been to a number of ‘greasy spoons’ in and around London and have never yet been offered a pot of tea – mugs liberally dosed with milk yes, and at 2am? I don’t think so.

And as for mangoes having a disappearing flesh to stone ratio – she needs to buy better mangoes – preferably those from Pakistan or from Africa – we get the most wonderfully fleshy and juicy ones direct from a eco farm in East Africa which are sold by  a local school run charity.

I love Ollie and his science, especially his discussion on spots and the sebum – the oil basically – which blocks the pore and then gets infected by bacteria. The white cells then gather like an army to fight the bacteria and that this causes the swelling but that the yellow bit keeps it all inside and protected like a lid.  Such a vivid description and of course, scientifically true.

Overall this is a 4 * book.


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