Crack that fire: Load that ticket!


by Gar Anthony Haywood

A Review for Netgalley

This was a really interesting story with many twists and turns and even though all the references to ‘tight ends’ and other American Football terms passed me by I understood enough to know that people who can throw far are of value just as are people who battle their way out of scrums or run very fast.

It also brought home the ‘rapper’ life style that so many young men aspire to. The pretence of being really tough. The need to wear baseball caps on backwards. The need to wear certain clothes and be tattooed and so on, that seems to signify success to those who have used their body rather than their brains to escape poverty. And how easy it therefore is to scam these people and to bully them and encourage them to spend way above their means when they really don’t understand the value of saving as they have never before had any money to save let alone spend. We hear so often of these football stars ending up broke as their managers failed to invest wisely, sometimes because it was deliberate as a way to line their own pockets, or sometimes because the people in charge of the money are not capable – through lack of education for instance. Many of these suddenly immensely rich young men spend all their money on entertaining their friends from their old home areas as well which doesn’t help matters.

In this story we have the conflict between a young man who carelessly impregnates several women and pays his way out of trouble. But he then encounters a savvy young women who, whilst she unfortunately also falls pregnant, knows better and can manage against the odds to make things work in her favour.

Las Vegas and gambling and bodyguards with heart and faith are part of the story too as well as very nasty young man who is a wannabe ‘gangsta’ but plays the part with gusto.

A good story that kept me interested until the end.


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