Skeletons on the beach

LowCountry Boneyard by Susan M Bowyer

A Boneyard here in the Lowcountry is where trees go to die. It is the beach of trees washed up from the sea and delta, and the branches remind the artist of skeleton hands and fingers.


This is a story of betrayal, corruption, over-whelming pride – leading to a fall, and forgery. Lust and greed and most of the other seven deadly sins also make an appearance.

As it so often seems, in many of these ‘aristocratic’ families, there is a fearsome matriarch with an over-wheening pride in an ancestry such that only marriage and children from a limited genetic pooll will answer, and woe betide anyone who defies the matriarch!

Genetic traits however, are just that, and are passed down the family tree, often unwelcomingly – hence the Habsburg nose (and lip) for instance. habsburg

But other traits are mental rather than physical and artistic ability is one such trait that is often passed down the family line, and so it is here.

This third book in the series about the Lowcountry is not quote as fresh as the first and the romantic storyline is getting rather laboured I felt. I also linked the genetic trait very early in the story although I never suspected quite how determined the matriarch could be about preserving her lineage.

So some more obvious points and some not, still plenty of twists and turns to intrigue the reader and keep you wondering how it all happened. 3.75 stars.


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