Did she fall or was she pushed?

Crash and Burn

By Lisa Gardner

A very complex tale with the medical symptoms well detailed but just how she fell down the first time still remains suspicious in my mind.

A tale full of twists and turns and flying into the unknown. Di d she/didn’t she? Did he/didn’t he?  With little explanation until the very end and yet…

Post concussion syndrome and PTSD seem to have go scrambled in her memory so that reality and imagination become intertwined and then whose memories is she remembering anyway? Are some of them false? And implanted by her husband?

Post concussion syndrome – according to http://www.patient.co.uk/health/post-concussion-syndrome has three major aspects: physical, emotional and behavioural.

Physical symptoms include headaches, vertigo, nausea, and problems tolerating light and noise; emotional and behavioural can include aggression, anxiety, depression, disturbed slep, personality changes and sudden emotional outbursts; cognitive symptoms can include difficulty in memory, concentration and attention, problems with reasoning and learning new things. All or most of these were demonstrated by the wife here in this story.  But as we don’t know exactly what her behaviour was like before she ‘fell’ down 3 times we cannot tell just which symptoms were there before or not. We only have the husband’s word for what she was previously like. And slowly we learn that she was not who we thought she was. And just how much of a victim she was or wasn’t.  We also learn different stories about how she came to leave the Dolls House all of which are traumatic. What is clear is that her time in the House scarred her dreadfully and whatever she did afterwards can be thought of as being a direct or indirect result of what happened to her there.

I had realised who the husband was – or at least his relationship to the Dolls House by half-way through but still failed to guess what his actual role was – I knew what he had done to the Dolls House but not the consequences.

Here we see a tale that encompasses child abduction – or is it? Fostering for cash or is it? And do remember that when children go missing for any length of time, the parents are always the prime suspects, just like the spouse is in a case of a murder.

I give this 5 stars. It kept me hooked and kept surprising me. A Lisa Gardner goody.



2 thoughts on “Did she fall or was she pushed?

  1. maire

    I’ve just finished reading ‘Hide’, my first LG book. Really enjoyed it too, review coming soon on twoambookworm. Think I’ll make this my next read, great recommendation!



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