May in the garden blooms:

And now we look at our flowers.

There is a Welsh proverb that says ‘flowers before May bring bad luck’ but with Global Warming affecting our weather – it is 23 degrees (C) out there as I write this post, we have flowers all year round – certainly we work on this in our London garden.

So what is out today? Well I wandered round and found that areas were awash with blue or pink or contrasted orange and white too, so here’s hoping you like what you will see below.

white  clematis white  perennial wallflower anemone blanda art in garden begonia and nettle blue and art crab apple and pear fire red perennial wallflower hellebore double yellow speckled hellebore single speckled Hellebore_double_apricot[2] primrose and pulmanaria see the acer flower the blue have it the blue path the blues hide the new black tulip the orange contrast



Alexander Smith says:

It is curious, pathetic almost, how deeply seated in the human heart is the liking for gardens and gardening.


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