Dragons and Rare Books: combine to form a heady mix

Book Reviews: 3 star books

Waking the Dragon

By Juliette Cross

NetGalley Review dragon

Racial discrimination rears its ugly head.

Only the races really are very different! One race is really a dragon – and yes they have wings!

Yet the two races can interbreed – even though many find/feel this to be a monstrous occurrence and the children to be abominations. Sounds familiar anyone?

But the dragon males are hot hot hot. Real life alphas with muscles in all the right places and many human females can’t resists the pheromones and the perceived danger.

Then you have the inter-tribal – they call them clans – traditional rivalries in amongst the dragons and the budding newspaper reporter who ‘scents’ a story. And the old tale about how to raise the elder and the role of blood in dark deeds and slave girls who are addicted to their role.

So some murders, some war, some cage fighting, and some romance. A story for many appetities. But not high literature.


The Widow’s Son

By Thomas Shawyer

NetGalley Review

The sins of the father will be/should be cast upon their descendants until the nth generation – or until no more shall live.

This is the motto of the characters bent on revenge or vengeance for the killing of their cult’s founders.

So the hero’s job is to stop the latest killings – by whatever means he can.

On the whole this is a traditional cowboys and bad guys story, with a goodly dash of old Testament fervour.bookpile1.jpg

Of course this book is part of the Rare Books series and so the bookseller hero and rare books are involved, as well as some rather special skills that most rare book sellers don’t usually have.

I found this better than the first book in the series that I have also read.


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