Summer is a cumin in: Foxgloves, daisies and gillyflowers all

Foxglove Summer


Ben Aaronavitch

I gave this book 4* but more because of previous books as he seems to be out of his comfort zone in this one- London being that comfort zone – and this book is set in the countryside.

I would like to add to readers of this book that Ben is wrong is stating that Foxgloves like acid soil. They are happy in clay too, provided it is not too heavy. They like soil to be fairly moist with sun to light shade. See below our stately foxglove in our London garden!

In this book Peter Grant is drawn out into the country with Fae who are unicorns with nasty anger management issues. Unicorns are not always nice – even to virgins and you have to be really really pure of mind and body before they like you. Otherwise beware. Those horns are really sharp.

I was still confused even at the end of the book about the changelings – the girl returned had a bad temper and used glamour – how and why if she was the human? Is glamour something that can be learnt?

Why do the girls not just look alike but appear the same age – how did this happen? And what relationship is there between them?

I like the idea of the shadows of the world before – the wyld wood – and that the land of the fae is just a molecule away from our world.

Didn’t feel that this book was quite as good as previous – it didn’t seem as well thought out and as clear in the story-telling. Interestingly, my husband who is also a Ben Aaronvitch fan agreed with me – stay in London is our advice to Ben.

Foxglove in a London (clay) garden


One thought on “Summer is a cumin in: Foxgloves, daisies and gillyflowers all

  1. navasolanature

    Interesting and it is usually better to write from what you really know well. Our wild foxgloves pop up between the bracken in the overgrown chestnut orchards. Wild but not quite a wyld wood!



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