Love Rosie? Hate Rosie? Where is Rosie?

Film Review

Love Rosie

I chose this film because of the Boston location having just visited there (watched on return) . It is based on the novel ‘Where Rainbows End’ by Celia Ahern which I have not read but do like her as author.

In fact Ahern was listed as the Co-Production Director.  Which I assume gave her some say over how well the film represented the book.

However, on reading the credits I found that it was actually filmed in Toronto! And then in Ireland in Dublin and Wicklow… so much for Boston. No wonder I couldn’t recognise any of the places. It is almost as bad as the films/ TV shows set in New York which only show one view – the tall buildings of Manhattan! Even worse, the film was a British-German co-operation. Also, I thought that the hotel that Rosie owned was supposed to be in Cornwall but…

I did enjoy the film which I felt had a very nice story that moved to and fro. I thought that Ahern’s influence on trying to keep to the plot was obvious. The film didn’t receive rave reviews with only a 26% approval rating on the review site Rotten Tomatoes, or 3.5 stars on imdb. I usually use the later to choose TV programmes and films so… but airplanes don’t always give you this option! You takes what you get. I may well use Rotten Tomatoes more though as they had a 96% rating for Outlander and 4.7 stars!

However, I find that reading the book after the film is always a disappointment as you then see just how much was missed – don’t mind the other way as I just suspend disbelief  that it is the same story – like the current Outlander series on TV. At least they admit that the actor playing the heroine is nothing like described in the book!


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