The British Library on Steroids

The Invisible Library

By Genevieve Cogman

Book Review

The Ultimate.

Every book ever written. bookpile1.jpg

In every Universe.

In every time.

Outside Time.

Outside Space.

And you and I can’t go and read these books – only the Librarians can!

Shame on them!

A British Library on Steroids and I’m not allowed in?

I fume against it – except that no-one has ever known that it existed so secretive is it.

So this is a fantasy story where librarians go adventuring and are trained spies and infiltrators. And are also trained in self-defence – to some extent – even if sometimes dragons need to assist – and to know a magical language. So what fun it would be to one of these Librarians…

Overall, I enjoyed this story as the basic premise was excellent and the heroine worth following in her future adventures – even if not yet written – but which I am sure will appear.




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