Time travel completed

Here comes Outlander again – and the Bruce… such a fascination for the Scots wild laddies!Men-in-Kilts-kilts-645814_300_400

Come on,let’s have some originality here… and then I might buy more of your books. See below. I’m easily swayed…

I reviewed the first book in this box set of Time Travel Romances on the 4th August – i then completed the whole series of 9 related to just that one book – so it was time to get back to reading the remainder of the set.

Book 3:

An echo of Outlander again with some women travelling through time through these ‘places of power’ eg the stone circles, with some modern healing skills.

The difference being that this time the heroine was born in the 15th century and travelled forwards not backwards.

Book 4:

Again Scotland and again a medic travelling through time, though this time only 100 years, and therefore found herself in the Victorian ea with indoor plumbing and flush toilets!

Book 5:

What’s not to like? Ghosts, ghoulies, occult, vampires, arcane, and time travel all thrown in with a professor and his dedicated student… maybe too much of everything?

Book 6:

This is the original bloodstone book for travel through time.

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