Adding up the Inconsistencies

 LaCour’s Destiny

By Robert Downs

A NetGalley Review

She is an accountant with a penchant for finding trouble in the accounts she audits. She tries hard but unfortunately for her, she has many of the traits the majority expect an accountant to have – she is nerdy, she is not fashionable, she does not have a great sense of humour, she rarely dates and even then her dates don’t go well.

But she does have much more admirable traits for a human being. She is dogged, determined and once she sets out to do something she doesn’t stop until she has completed the task. Our heroine is persistent and so she ends up with rather more trouble than she anticipated when she started investigated some figures that didn’t ‘add up’ right.

She is very precise and everything is detailed down to the last item and this book shows you exactly what type of person she is.

She has one fault though – she eats Jolly Rogers – especially when concentrating or nervous.

Now what on earth are Jolly Rogers?

I made a wild guess that, as they could go in her pocket and had wrappers that they were sweets of some kind – candies if you will and sure enough Wikipedia tells me:

They are sweet, somewhat tangy or sour hard candy, gummies, fruit chews, jelly beans, and lollipops. First produced in 1949.

jolly rogers

I enjoyed this being written in the first person as it really made our heroine come to life in the somewhat stilted style of writing which clearly echoed the way her mind worked. In fact I felt she was talking to me rather than my reading her story. I could hear her voice in my head. So kudos to the writer.

A 5 star novel

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