A Mulligan

Seeing Evil

By Jason Parent

A NetGalley Review

How would you / could you live your life if when you touched someone you saw the potential for evil in their life? A psychic ability that you never asked for but came upon you unannounced with a fainting fit or a nightmare.

Well that is what happens to our young ‘hero’ in this book. He sees the potential for evil occurrences and then he tries to thwart these happenings – when he can – and sometimes he gets lucky – sometimes he doesn’t. Michael feels that if the vision is about his future it might be

‘a virtual reality training area. .. a mulligan’.

Which is, according the Urban Dictionary of Slang:

A Mulligan, in a game, happens when a player gets a second chance to perform a certain move or action; usually due to lack of skill or bitter luck. A “Do-Over”. Like getting an “Extra Play” in pinball due to sinking the ball before obtaining an arbitrary amount of points.

Left an orphan he is a reclusive shy boy with no friends and bullied at school, moving from one foster parent to another with only a remote friend in Sam the cop who found him at the scene of his mother and her lover’s murder by his father aged 3 years old. Sam kept a watching brief over Michael but lacking a maternal instinct it was not at all motherly until he began seeing visions when she realised he needed her help in a more practical manner.

Most people don’t believe in psychic visions and this belief is not helped when looking on our ‘trusty’ Google you can find people who offer to teach how to become psychic. And lots of people claiming to find your soul mate and so on or the lucky lottery ticket or… and yet from time to time there are people who visions that do have value .

Wikipedia has documented a number of cases where the psychics were wrong but also a few where they were right as below:

A body was located in the US by Psychic Annette Martin. Dennis Prado, a retired US paratrooper, had gone missing from his apartment and police had been unable to locate his whereabouts. With no further leads, the chief investigating officer, Fernando Realyvasquez, a sergeant with the Pacifica (California) Police, contacted psychic detective Annette Martin. Prado had lived near a large forest, some 2000 square miles. Martin was given a map, she circled a small spot on the map, about the size of two city blocks. She said that Prado had struggled for breath, had died and his body would be there within the indicated area. She described the path he took, and where the body would be found. Although the area had been searched before and Prado had not been found, a search and rescue officer initiated a new search with the help of a search dog, as Martin suggested “A search dog is going to find him.” They found the body covered with dirt at the location, as Martin had indicated. While the body had deteriorated, there was no evidence that he had been attacked and it is thought likely he had died of natural causes, as she also indicated.

In 2001, the body of Thomas Braun was located by Perth based Aboriginal clairvoyant Leanna Adams in Western Australia. Police had initially been unable to find the body. The family of Braun had been told to contact Adams, an Aboriginal psychic who lived in Perth. The Braun family had requested police to do a search based on Adams’ directions but they had not assisted. Adams went to Alice Springs in the Northern Territory, and took the family members directly to Braun’s remains, a spot high on a ridge west of the town, some 20 kilometres out. The remains were not immediately identifiable. Police later confirmed the remains to be his using DNA testing.

So whether you believe or not is up to you, but it makes a good story and ramps up the tension as Michael attempts to thwart his visions.

Overall a nice read with enough tension and a clean writing style that keeps you hooked.

4 stars


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