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Shanghai Moon aka Trail of Blood by SJ Rozan

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Top-25-Goodreads Book reviewers (Photo credit: Mark Fidelman)

3 of 5 stars false

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Read in January, 2013 — I own a copy


Actually I am not sure about the 3 stars – maybe 2.5 stars?
I did think that it had some really nice touches and the stories about holocaust survivors chimed with the other book I have just finished: the Morning Gift – I really must get up to date with all my reviews…
I was interested in the Chinese cultural aspects – again serendipity at work with my recent visit to China. I think there is something of a US stereotype Jewish person as I don’t meet them and never have, but then I don’t know many American Jews it’s true but I know enough UK ones…
What I did love about the book though were the letters from Rosalie. They were so poignant from someone who may have never again been able to see her family and who was so young and looking after an even younger brother.
The denouement about the fabled jewel was good too I thought and all the greed around that surrounded it – all those fabled jewels and what people will only do to obtain them – sometimes just to say that they own them, and sometimes to sell on for the money. It is no wonder that many of such fabled jewels are said to have a curse attached to them.
Yet when you look at large stones, as I have in museums, I don’t really seethe allure of wearing them.. they just look heavy and over-bearing! Perhaps that’s just me?
will I read another of her books? Well I might, as she is a GoodReads author…