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Nuns, Ghost, and Ghoulies all mixed up

Second to Nun


Alice Loweecey

Net Galley Review.

To be published September 2015.

Well what’s not to like about this story?

Lots of fun in a B&B with ghosts, ghoulies, psychics, Tarot and supernatural happenings. Or are they?ghost

Buried treasure too from a highwayman ancestor livens up the mix of reasons why the guests – or relatives – might just want to a: get their hands on the Guest House; or b: kill off /scare off the owner.

The reasons range from practical – easier to go with an already operating B&B than start afresh, being broke – and that was lots of people – needing publicity – a boost to a career through YouTube and so it goes on.  Nearly everyone had a motive or could have had a motive.

The ex-Nun sets out to investigate with her policeman husband meanwhile staying as faux guests.

Now if it was me, the last B&B I would want to stay at was this one, even when there were no mysterious goings-on. It was set next to the world’s noisiest beach – very crowded and with a lake full of speedboats and those noisy machines that adrenalin fuelled men like to race up and down in.

And then there were the breakfasts. They were pre-set. You came down and all ate together at the same time. You all ate the same thing as pre-determined by the owner. No deviations.  And honestly, nothing really seemed that appealing. We Brits are used to B&Bs where you can come done (within a 2 hour period usually) as you choose; and then you are offered a menu of hot choices but with a cold buffet for cereals etc as well.  And this is what we like! Everything very easy and no forced entertainment but you are left to do your own thing. Shows the differences in culture again between American B&Bs and British ones.

This is a fun story with lots of mysteries and if you guessed the ending well you did better than me. I had however guessed who Lucy was but not her background which turned out to be crucial in the plot.




Paris, Second World War, and Music

A week in Paris by Rachel Hore due for publication October 2014

A slow burning but sure book that hooks you into finding out what happened next to the characters. Based on the type of events that really happened during the second world war, the story of the child and her parents and Paris really keep you waiting to hear the next part of the story.
I liked the idea of the music link-ups and really felt so sorry for all the trouble that the child went through and was astonished how balanced she ended up being, especially hearing about her ‘escapades’ during her escape from Paris and journey home to the UK.
Without giving the story away, there are two or more gentle love stories interwoven through time and Paris with the reality of life in the second world war told in a compassionate but accurate manner – no frills but truth.