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And did the dog bark?

Sleeping dog by Dick Lochte

Reviewed for NetGalley

My initial impression of this book was very mixed as the chapters are written in different voices – often giving differing viewpoints of the same situation or incident. But around 4 or 5 chapters in, the book really clicked and the different voices gelled into one story for me and I started to understand the voices and their views on life.

The dog of the title doesn’t sleep as much as be a background to the story, so the title doesn’t really tell you much about the book, but the dog certainly does cause a considerable sequence of events to occur.

As a PI the main character is very short on the more traditional fighting skills you light expect for him to have but as a result is somewhat loveable as he does keep getting beat up, the girl he is employed by is certainly very precocious, perhaps being brought up by a grandmother has exacerbated her natural tendency towards this.

It is difficult to say much about the dog without spoiling a major part of the story – except that it was of a terrier breed. Similar I would imagine to the image below of 2 pit bull terriers playing – yes it does look rather fierce play doesn’t it?

pit bull terriers at play

Overall, I liked the story and  found the method of writing interesting and somewhat refreshing – once I got used to it. I would recommend this as a story with a difference – less of the alpha male too and more of the feminism with the teenager. 4 stars