Voodoo or Vodou or is it Vodu?


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The Offering

by Desiree Bombenon

Voodoo or Vodou or is it Vodu? A syncretic religion which combines various thought and belief systems with different schools of thought on practice. It has spirits and gods and blood sacrifices – maybe or maybe not.big_bad_voodoo_by_exphrasis-d489rid

This novel is set on the Big island of Hawaii with a veritable TV cast of Hawaii-Mapcharacters – a naive and vulnerable teenager; a family split with a new boyfriend who was the father’s cop partner; a ‘mad’ villain looking to cleanse himself through a religious sacrifice; some billionaires who double as private investigators; and a gut instinct – which helps find the real path to the villain.

It has it all. And would make a great TV series if you could believe in the storyline.

To me, there was just too much and very reminiscent of the TV series with Jennifer and Jonathan Hart. [See more at:] or Macmillan and Wife.

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