When I shall let you near my honeycombs:

This page will be updated on a frequent but not regular basis, however, I intend to try and publish all my plans for posts here with dates and a small taster of the content. I shall label them as book reviews, tours etc so you will know what to expect generally. As you will see some dates remain free at this time.


20th Book Review: Practical Sins for Cold Climates by Shelley Costa. Murder mystery, Nature, Book contracts

22nd Author Interview: Scarlet Risque Author of Red Hourglass. Feminism. Murder.

24th Book Review: Fixed in Fear by TE Woods.Crime. Psychopaths. Revenge.

26th Book Review: Homunculus and the Cat by Nathan Croft. Alternate/Multiverses. Fantasy

28th Book Review: Xmas Temptation by Erica Ridley

31st Book Review: Red Hourglass. Murder. Romance.

January 2016

2nd Poetry: Robert Burns, ‘Winter morning’

4th Book Review: Rise of the Red Queen by Bourne Morris. Crime. feminism. Academia.

6th Book Review: Dinner for Two by Mike Gayle. Chick Lit. Journalism. Agony Aunt.

7th Blog Tour: Gyre; and Of Scions and Men

8th Book Review: Simulation by Tara Tyler. Fantasy. Science fiction. Cloning.

10th Author Interview: Jenny Hammerle author of Cowgirl Strong

12th Book Review: The Body in the Landscape by Larissa Reinhart. Guns. Crime.


16th Author interview: Ken Michaels author of Gay Cowboy. Crime. Detective.

17th Book Review: Sweet Bliss by Helena Rac.  Romance. Cakes.

18th Blog tour: Killer Pursuits TBC


22nd Book reviews: Bonner’s Fairies

24th Author Interview: Tabitha Lord,  author of Horizon. Science fiction.


28th Author Interview: Anthony D’Augustine of Just Vengeance. Crime. Detective. Vengeance.

30th Blog Tour: Alpha Box Set TBC

31st Book Review: No Promises






9th Blog and Review Tour: Story of a Kiss: Review of Anthology

11th Author Interview: Christine Church author of Sands of Time. Gothic. Vampire. Fantasy.




3rd Blog Tour: Chasing Azrael tbc